Hey Reader! My name is Dean Oke and I believe that the Da Silly Heads is the best thing ever. It is so comforting to know that there are people within CIT that really care about the mental wellbeing of staff and students of CIT. Out of all the ideas they had, I loved the hats the most. My first experience of the hats was in college when I saw students wearing, and I went to ask where they got it and they informed me it was from Da Silly heads. I was instantly intrigued by their ingenious idea of spreading awareness and donating money to various mental health services through selling hats. I made an enquiry about the hats, Dan then reserved two for me and I got them.

Through this I talked to my family about mental health and the work the lads were doing. They were very impressed by their work. Many people asked about the hat, where they could get it and were very satisfied with this type of awareness. Da Silly Heads are amazing, everything they have done has been and will continue to be amazing. Make sure to follow them on social media, don’t be afraid to talk about mental health and most importantly, MIND YOUR HEAD.

Dean Oke – Student

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