“Putting a Face on Mental Health”

Over 20 years of experiencing G.A.D (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), OCD, Depression, Bi- Polar Disorder and social STIGMA ignited an idea from two friends to develop a unique concept, that will encourage all of us to engage in non-judgmental dialogue around MENTAL HEALTH.

Our goal is to spark a movement of ADVOCACY which will help to create environments of understanding and empathy. A STIGMA free society is key to allow ambition, productivity and creativity to flourish.

“You are more
than your silly heads”

We do this in three ways:
DA SILLY HEADS – To externalize our experiences through poor MENTAL HEALTH, we created cartoon characters, each depicting a specific MENTAL HEALTH condition. These are sketched into quirky, tongue-in-cheek yet relatable scenarios and are how the entire project began.

“Empathy is free”

PRODUCT – We design and deliver functional, visible, and bespoke ADVOCACY apparel all linked to our cartoon characters. This allows the user to not only convey their MENTAL HEALTH support as a whole, but also express their advocacy or empathy with individuals experiencing of a particular condition.

self & peer

SERVICE – We construct unique workshops/seminars aimed at students, professionals, and communities across campuses, workplaces, and local centers. This allows for greater interaction with the people who matter most, our family, friends and colleagues. In addition our service links wellbeing providers, MENTAL HEALTH professionals, charities and respective peer groups in promoting MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACY in their own communities. Our events are all delivered against a backdrop of entertainment, education and colour.

Check out our YOUTUBE channel for our latest videos

Communication comes in many ways, and we hope the visibility of our products, engaging events and character base, will alter day to day functional spaces into safe, supportive and expressive environments.

Listen to our story here …

“The Life Hustle Podcast”

… or you can read our story by clicking on the picture below.


People seem to find value in our work.

USI (Union of Students in Ireland) Student Achievement Nominee for Outstanding MENTAL HEALTH ACTIVISM 2019.

Shortlisted by the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland for the Boot camp stage of the Academy selection process.

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