Alison Hayes

Fitness has always been Alison’s huge passion. As a child/teenager, Alison played lots of different sports and was involved in many teams. At 16, she stopped all forms of activity and her mental health started to suffer. After 5 years of not dealing with health issues & mental health issues, she finally got back into the gym and it has changed her life.
Exercise is now part of her daily routine. She do not necessarily go to the gym – but she walks, swims, lifts weights, and moves in some form every day.

Alison suffers from epilepsy and multiple sclerosis so she don’t have bundles of energy to exercise everyday – but exercise is one of the most important factors in taking care of her mental health and overall wellness while dealing with these illnesses.

Alison is a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor (FETAC Level 5 – CSN). She has also studied Strength & Conditioning and is a Certified Pilates Instructor (Cert & Higher Cert Level 6 – UL) All of Alison’s qualifications are certified by the University of Limerick. She is currently finishing her degree in Sports and Health Fitness in UL.

She holds other qualifications such as

  • Gymnastics level 1
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Swimming Instructor
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Cheerleading Level 1 & 2
  • Weightlifting Level 1

“Some days are definitely harder than others, but I will always be happier and have a clearer mind after I get out and move:)”

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