“Hello, I’m Anxiety!

Hiya just bear with me, I’m a little anxious about this k…

So, I appeared as the first Silly Head – the OG. Taking on a role like Anxiety was right up my street if I’m honest. I generally get anxious about most things, I’m panicking slightly as I write this… and now you are laughing me… right? This is exactly why I told Brain I shouldn’t do this… In fact, I was trying to help him in the early days making sure he really thought every little thing through, always catastrophizing to be ready for every outcome.

Was that too much to ask? It was, wasn’t it!… Relax, Relax, Reeelax, deeep breaths… I have to go soon, but I had built up a great relationship with another Silly Head – OCD (you might have heard about him), and then Brain decides to put a strategy in place to undo all our good work… Pffft… Whatever! No, I take that back actually… don’t tell him I said that k… I have to keep quiet now as it’s Brain’s mindfulness hour. Thanks for Listening”.

– Anxiety

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Meet Da Silly Heads

Da Silly Heads were created in 2018 on the back an envelope, in a bid to create representations of our diagnosis and experiences through mental illness. Four Silly Heads represent Anxiety, Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and Bipolar Mood disorder, with the fifth character, brain, representing us, you, the individual fighting back against a silly head. They not only tell our story in a very engaging way but, now carry the labels often attached to us as individuals living or experiencing a mental health condition.