Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share this beautiful piece of Christmas Music with you. I had a small part to play in this amazing video, its credit in direction lies with Dr Eva McMullan from Music4Children. The reason why I wanted to share it, is because it is the culmination of many different musicians at the end of a turbulent sort of year.

We have members of Down Syndrome Cork; they are amazing children that I have had the pleasure of working with since Feb 2017. Due to Covid they are limiting their interactions with others and therefore we have not met in person for some ‘music making madness’ since March of this year. I miss them terribly. They remind me of the importance of remaining vigilant at these times, to mask up and social distance. As it is important for everyone’s health and unfortunately some people are more vulnerable than others.

We also have members of the UCC Choir and the Crosshaven Community Choir. I am a proud member of the Crosshaven Community Choir and through Covid we have rehearsed on Zoom. It has been a challenge but one that I am grateful for. I don’t think people fully understand the strength that comes from choirs. From Voices singing in unison. From people from all walks of life, coming together to share in the beautiful sound that is created. I have missed ‘in person’ rehearsals terribly.

I could easily sit in this unhappy state of missing people, events, singing and public music making. But look! Just look at what we created together and yet apart. Listen to the beautiful harmonies and witness all those faces singing because we love it. There is no other reason for it, we just love it! As a Music Therapist who is constantly encouraging people to engage with music for their health, I too, engage with music for my health. I know singing can help people feel better, if you need a little pick me up then I encourage you sing. Turn on Xmas Fm or pick a tune on YouTube and just give it a go. If you are finding it difficult to get going, at this time of year, if you are looking for somewhere to start, somewhere to begin. Then start here with us and sing-along with ‘Somewhere in my Memory’.

Merry Christmas, Thank you very much.

– Esther-Anna Bennett


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