“Hello, I’m Depression!

“You are lucky I got out of bed for this… What is the point of these bios, there’s actually no benefit to doing them… Silly Head I was told to say. Hi!… When Brain was at his lowest point, I knew he needed someone like me, Depression.

However, me and Brain haven’t spoken in a while since he decided he was better than me and the other Silly Heads… He knows I hated exercising… He knows I hated talking… He knows I hated socializing…

And what does he do?… Does it anyway. Who wants to be fit and have friends anyway… no point!

The rumour has it he was starting to see how positive his life actually is, showing gratitude and setting out his life ambitions.

I always thought when life threw negativity at him, he’d come crawling back… but he didn’t, maybe because I moved out of his head onto a sketch pad… Stupid counselling”.

– Depression

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Meet Da Silly Heads

Da Silly Heads were created in 2018 on the back an envelope, in a bid to create representations of our diagnosis and experiences through mental illness. Four Silly Heads represent Anxiety, Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and Bipolar Mood disorder, with the fifth character, brain, representing us, you, the individual fighting back against a silly head. They not only tell our story in a very engaging way but, now carry the labels often attached to us as individuals living or experiencing a mental health condition.