Da Silly Heads have impacted me in many positive ways. I first came across Dan and Mike’s project in September of 2019. I couldn’t have met them at a better time as I was experiencing a very difficult stage in my life. My family had been touched by suicide and due to other personal reasons such as work, college and relationships my anxiety was crippling.

So to see their 2 smiley faces in the CIT corridors advocating for mental health really brightened up some of my darkest days. I couldn’t get over how simple yet effective the idea of “putting a face on mental health” really was. Whenever I saw one of the students wearing their products (such as the hat) it reminded me I was not alone, this person was not judging me but in fact supporting me and that created a huge sense of solidarity.

Lots of people find it very difficult to talk about mental health but this project acts as an easy conversation starter. I have no doubt that without Da Silly Heads my peers and I wouldn’t have had half of the deep conversations that we did!

Over the last year, Da Silly Heads have inspired me to reduce the stigma attached to mental health illnesses. Their project has encouraged me to speak out about these “taboo” subjects. It has been a pleasure advocating for Da Silly Heads and together we can all work towards making the world less judgemental and more accepting, supportive and understanding!

– Emma Jane O’Donnell, Da Ambassador

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