Get out of your head and into your body!!

It is inevitable that the times we are in will send us all into a spiral of worry or fear at least once. This unfortunately is a catalyst for feelings of anxiety. If you find you are a person that spends a lot of time in your head, then I urge you to connect with your physical body. How? Some gentle movement!! Moving the body with the breath while focusing the mind on the body’s movement is enough to ground your energy, instantly easing your mind. This does not have to be a fast gym class or brisk walk. Something as simple as sitting or lying quietly and observing the movement of your breath within the body is hugely beneficial. Meditation is one of the best practices, but meditation is not for everyone. Yoga pulls us into the physical experience. When practiced mindfully it creates a sense of stability within the body, mind, thoughts and emotions. Grounding our energy and remaining present relieves stress, calms the mind and supports the body’s functioning by lowering our stress response. Maybe try a nice slow and deep Yin Yoga practice (absolute bliss!!) or a gentle flow Yoga class with minimal movement and you will still reap the benefits of the practice. I have lots of free short Yoga classes available on my YouTube Yoga and Val for you to try.


Love Val xx

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