Lockdown New Year Resolutions.

January is the worst time to jump on the resolution’s bandwagon and this year we start off in a lockdown. Madness!!

The biggest problem with New Year resolutions is the time limit you put on them and on yourself. You cannot make lasting, healthy changes to your lifestyle in a few weeks.

6 weeks on a crash diet or an obsessive exercise plan may change your physical image in the short run, but you cannot maintain that long term.

This year, the lockdown may actually work in your favor. All gyms and leisure facilities are closed and we are living under the same circumstances we have all been in for most of last year. This year, if you are hoping to make changes to your lifestyle, you have no choice but to start small and build things up as you go.

Allow your body to get back into its natural rhythm and then start adding small changes in.

You cannot change the lifestyle you have had over the last year, or more, in 6 weeks!

The best thing to do for the month of January is get yourself back into the swing of things!

The first thing to do is sit down on your own and set some goals. Not goals you would like to achieve by the end of January, but something you would like to achieve by the summer, or by the end of 2021. January is only the starting point.

Get a pen and paper and write them all down. As you write them down, also write down WHY you would like to achieve these goals. The WHY is the most important part of goal setting!!

  • I want to be able to run 5km by the end of the summer.
  • Why? So I can enter a 5km run to raise funds for a charity I believe in.


  • I want to lose 2 stone.
  • Why? So I can play with my kids outside during the summer without feeling under pressure.


  • I want to get stronger and fitter.
  • Why? So I won’t have aches and pains in my back, hips and knees every day.

Having a reason to exercise or eat healthier is the best way to stick to your plan in the long run. Anybody can jump on the bandwagon for a few weeks – but changing your lifestyle takes months.

Start with small changes. Make one change a week. Have a bowl of porridge in the morning instead of a breakfast roll. If you can keep up with this change for 7 days, then add in another. Go for a walk 3-4 times a week, and so on. Slowly the weeks will add up and you will have made lasting changes.  Changes that you will stick to year-round, rather than changing everything at once and giving up or burning out after a few weeks.

Use this lockdown to your advantage and start small. As the year goes on, if gyms continue to open & close and we must continue to live our lives in this start-stop fashion, you will be much better equipped for the changes if you have created a healthier system to live by. A system that began in a lockdown.

Grab a pen and start setting some goals for the long term. Ask yourself why you actually want to achieve them and put a plan in place to make small changes as you go.

Happy New Year – and Best of Luck:)

-Alison Hayes


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