“Hello, I’m OCD!

Pleasure to meet you, I am one of the Silly Heads… I live my life a certain way, and to a certain standard. In my spare time my hobbies include ritualistic activities such as; light switch flicking, number avoidance, hair plucking, and settling down of an evening and designing my intrusive thought guide… So when I introduced myself as OCD to Brain, it was perfect…. And yes, I do love getting things done to perfection, but it is only a small part of my job description.

It was a chance for me to show Brain I was more than just symmetry, hand washing, and cleaning, so I reached out to my close Silly Head – Anxiety, to create a blueprint that would work for Brain… Little did we know (because Brain had handed over his stigma to us) it allowed him to develop his own blueprint to combat ours. He tricked us, and I of all the Silly Heads like a good trick, so now I’m reduced to keeping my beloved intrusive guide under control in my briefcase…

Brain now uses me as a RSC (Realistic Strategy Controller), something about keeping a realistic but high standard of work, creativity and vision to reach his goals… Ok that’s me”.

– OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

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Meet Da Silly Heads

Da Silly Heads were created in 2018 on the back an envelope, in a bid to create representations of our diagnosis and experiences through mental illness. Four Silly Heads represent Anxiety, Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and Bipolar Mood disorder, with the fifth character, brain, representing us, you, the individual fighting back against a silly head. They not only tell our story in a very engaging way but, now carry the labels often attached to us as individuals living or experiencing a mental health condition.