Logan and Milo
Our son Logan was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and an intellectual disability at age 4. Life for Logan was extremely tough. He was a very frustrated and sad little boy who would lash out, as he couldn’t explain what he wanted. He doesn’t speak and would see no danger in running onto a road. He struggled to cope in busy situations with too much noise and people, and would scream and cry. We had stopped leaving the house and when we had to venture out as a family, it usually ended in tears and one or all of us leaving.
We were at the lowest point… and then we met Milo.
Our sweet boy was brought to us in December and it was love at first sight. Within weeks Logan was walking with Milo, attached to him and holding his lead and we’ve never looked back.
We can go anywhere now and life has never been the same. He found a friend as well as an anchor.
Our little boy is happy and safe and My Canine Companion opened up a world we never thought he’d see.
It was the best present our family could have received.

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