Sarah O’Leary

Sarah is a qualified Early Years Educator with a BA Honours Degree in Early Years Education in addition to 10 years’ experience working in the sector. Her studies included areas such as holistic health, behavioural psychology, child pedagogy and a variety of creative studies such as Art, Music and Drama.

Wellbeing and Holistic health are of great significances to Sarah. Her studies have provided her with techniques to support children through anxiety, depression, separation anxiety and other difficult experiences such as Trauma and ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Creativity is a strong passion of hers, with hobbies such as sewing, drawing, painting, pastels and crochet. Other interests of hers comprise of planting, cooking, yoga, mindfulness, reading and fitness. As a child Sarah began to express herself creatively through art, drawing, painting and scrapbooking. One of her favourite pastimes was teaching children in her class how to draw cartoon characters.

When she was 12 years of age her grandmother taught her to crochet using her fingers, from that day, a new hobby began. Years later it resurfaced, and she developed more integrate patterns, designs and she started to create crochet items for family, friends and so on. To this day, Sarah has used crochet as a wonderful tool to help unwind and practice during times of stress or anxiety. For Sarah, crochet initiates a mindful moment that brings her back into the present time and helps her to slow down and is very therapeutic. In times that she feels overwhelmed, crochet helps her focus on a soothing repetitive technique that stops her mind from racing through thoughts and worries as well as giving her a sense of accomplishment.

Crochet and Crafts for Wellbeing


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