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Stigma Is Silly : Workshop Experience

Let Us Explain...

Stigma Is Silly is the name of our chaptered, recorded workshop that can be experienced at participant's own pace and convenience. Using a personal story aided by visualizations of specific diagnosis (aka. Silly Heads), participants learn about Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the importance of Visual Mental Health Advocacy - something that is very subtle but extremely powerful. By the end of this experience, advocates will feel empowered and confident in showcasing their advocacy for themselves, friends and family.

As part of the experience, participants may be equipped with one of our advocacy packs, enabling them to visually advocate through our advocacy products. To enquire, please use the contact box at the bottom of the page or email us at info@dasillyheads.com.



Tell me, who benefits from this?

  • > Individuals experiencing, or who have experienced a mental health condition.
  • > Families, friends, colleagues & peers of individuals working through poor mental health.
  • > Corporate establishments / SME businesses & their shareholders.
  • > Third level academic institutions.
  • > Government – health service & its shareholders.
  • > Community groups 18+


  • Visible show of advocacy on continuous & sustainable basis.
  • Promotion of an ethos of belonging and inclusivity in communities.
  • Educating the public on social issues effecting mental wellbeing.
  • Encouraging healthy dialogue between peers, parents, teachers & employers.
  • Instilling confidence to seek professional help.
  • Potential decrease of absenteeism/dropout rates as well as an increase in productivity & loyalty.

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