Sharon Clernon

MSc., PG Dip MH, PG Dip CBT, PG Cert CBT., BSc., RPN

Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Mindview Clinic – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Sharon Clernon has over 19 years experience working with people who experience mental health problems. She is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and a Fully Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT). Having qualified with a degree in psychiatric nursing in 2005 at Napier University in Edinburgh, Sharon has built up a vast bank of experience and has continually added to her qualifications.

Overall she has racked up an array of qualifications, including:

  • 2001 to 2002 Pre nursing Studies at Cork College Commerce
  • 2002 to 2005 Degree in Mental Health Nursing
  • 2008 to 2009 Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing in Psychosocial Interventions
  • 2009 to 2010 Masters in Mental Health Nursing in Psychosocial Interventions
  • 2013 to 2014 Certificate in CBT
  • 2014 to 2015 Post graduate diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

Sharon has gained vast experience in her nursing career to work in different areas of mental health such as psychiatric intensive care settings, acute in-patient units, long stay units and residential care.

In 2010 she completed her masters in nursing and commenced working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and since then I have practiced in a variety of mental health areas, such as a crisis nurse in an A&E dept, liaison psychiatry, home-based crisis team and early intervention in psychosis. Sharon has also completed training in behavioural family therapy and has worked as a behavioural family therapist as part of her role as a clinical nurse specialist.

Throughout the years Sharon has had experience developing modules on mental health and spent time tutoring and delivering workshops on mental health programmes, and teaching coping strategies to help manage mental health problems to both third level students and professionals. Sharon says that she really enjoys teaching people about mental health as it is a complex area that can be difficult to understand at times when we may be feeling low in mood, stressed or anxious. Sharon believes that knowing skills of how to manage our mental health can be invaluable as it can prevent escalation of our mental health deteriorating and also help with relapse prevention. She is a true advocate for mental health and believes that it is so important to have conversations about our mental health from a young age and promotes this topic of conversation both in her personal life and professionally.

Sharon currently works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in CBT within the North Cork Mental Health Services. She also has her own private CBT practice named Mindview Clinic which is based in Kanturk, Co. Cork. Mindview Clinic offers services such as 1:1 Face to Face CBT sessions, 1:1 Online CBT sessions, Corporate Speaking, Webinars, Seminars and Workshops which are tailor made on any theme or topic to suit the requirements and needs of any group or workplace.

She continues to up skill with completing regular courses on mental health for her own professional development particularly in the area of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). This therapeutic intervention can be a very effective additional therapy approach with CBT as it is used to treat problems associated with shame and self criticism which can be hard for people to address with just CBT.

Sharon recently started her own pages on Instagram and Facebook for people to have access to psychoeducation about various mental health problems and CBT techniques that they can access at their own convenience, which can be easier for people to access at any time of the day, to help improve their mental health and well-being.

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/mindviewcliniccbt/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mindviewcliniccbt/posts

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