What does crochet mean to me?


Crochet has numerous areas of benefit as do many crafts and arts. It promotes social skills, builds self-confidence and self-esteem. Which is COURAGEOUS! Whether you are working on a crochet project with another individual or alone, it is a way to start a conversation. Be brave, be daring, talk about your crafts. You are proud of them, why not show someone else. You might inspire others to do the same, confidence is one of the steps to competence.


At times it can be hard to keep positive and that is okay. No one is perfect, and no one is always going to be happy 24/7 but that doesn’t stop you from moving forward. Crochet supports RESILIENCE, it allows you to start something new and if it doesn’t work out you have that option of continuing by beginning it again. You can simply pull that piece of wool and unravel the piece you made. It is never too late to start fresh, it is never too late to view things from another perspective, and it is never too late to bounce back.


Crafts are a great way to take the time to unwind and escape from the worries and stresses that life may bring. When you take the time aside to slow down and focus on just one thing it allows your mind to rest, it allows your body to relax, it gives you back your energy to push through when you need it the most. With crochet, you repeat a pattern or stitch over and over for a time similar too breathing during a mindful exercise. After you feel refreshed, positive and OPTIMISTIC.


Crochet helps you express your feelings, emotions as well as your CREATIVITY! There are multiple patterns, stitches, types of wool, and materials to use to guide you through your design. It allows you to explore textures, shapes, colours, while at the same time targeting feelings of productivity. Expressing yourself through crafts and arts is a beneficial way of supporting your overall wellbeing.


Crafts can also bring about a meditative state. You may be focusing on one particular piece for a long or short period of time while closing your mind off to other worries. With crochet, you repeat a pattern over and over and this allows your breathing to slow down to a natural pace which benefits your HEART. When your breathing slows your heart doesn’t have to work as hard as it does when you might feel stressed and anxious.


Remember that doing crafts can be fun. Do you remember any piece of work you did as you were younger and the joy you got from showing your loved ones? It brings about ENJOYMENT. And not just that when you try out a new craft or hobby it gives you that motivation and courageous to try new things outside of your crafts. You feel confident and proud from that piece of craft you did that when this happens you are ENCOURAGED to try even more things outside of your comfort zone!


The very last thing to note and the most important I feel is that crochet or crafts let you unwind and be THANKFUL for the little things in life. Crochet allows me to relax for some time and then when I am finished I feel as though I have accomplished something great but at the same time took the time to care for my mental health. It may not be the perfect jumper and the stitches might not be even, BUT I feel as though I took care of myself, I took time to appreciate the little things and that is significant to supporting my overall wellbeing.

– Sarah


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